Publisher Team

We will be your best super partner. We collaborate with top Turkish tipsters and streamers. We provide full service, including recruitment, payment, performance monitoring, and improvement for the publisher team service.

A team that is completely customized for you.

For our publisher team management service, we have a professional team that manages the whole process so that you can become a major brand in the Turkish market. This team consists of experts who have full knowledge of all the details, from hiring Tipsters and Streamers to work for your brand to making payments, from performance monitoring to development. For more details, please see below.

Super Affiliate is a win-win situation.

To be successful in this sector, a sports betting and casino brand that is new to the Turkish market requires a professional team that is well-versed in the industry. From brand analysis to promotion, advertising strategies to reporting, the entire process must be managed professionally. We understand that you require Tipsters and Streamers with a lot of influence to implement customized strategies and promotional campaigns for your brand. We select the most suitable team members who have been in the industry for years and have proven themselves by providing services that meet all of your expectations and needs. In this way, we assist you in trust building with your potential customers. In Turkey, the concept of affiliate differs slightly from that of other countries. As Gambling Turkey, we may begin our relationship with you as your super partner. We collaborate with Turkish Tipsters and Streamers who will be the most productive for your brand at the most reasonable prices, thanks to our strong business network that we have built over many years. We handle everything from performance tracking to payments. We are always concerned with the image and dependability of your brand. Factors such as whether the sub-partners are trustworthy, their backgrounds, their relationships with other sports betting and casino sites, and the influence they have on their communities can all have an impact on your site's image and reliability.

As a result, we ensure that the services you purchase from us are carried out in the most effective way possible. Because this system makes you and us business partners, it ensures that we always do our best to increase our combined income. Our win-win approach has positive effects on our working process and communication. We make a difference by constantly applying the problem-solving approach together.

Key Benefits

Identifying the best options for you and negotiating the most advantageous prices.
● Negotiating the most affordable prices with Tipsters and Streamers who will be the most efficient for your brand because of our strong business network that we have built over many years.
● Supervision of performance management and development.
● Get huge discounts for other services

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