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Our Approach.

Here’s an overview of how we take care of everything your brand needs all in one place.
Step 1


360° Analysis
We want to get to know you and try to find out how you can match the online gambling industry in Turkey and present possible challenges.
Marketing Strategy
Working with you to reach the right customers at the right time. It is our responsibility to design and implement the right customer experience with digital marketing strategies.
Step 2


Publisher Team
Helping you to make the right choices in the Turkish market with a promotion team that we have set up, especially for you.
Social Media
We make you known to Turkish players by using social media channels in the most effective way.
Step 2
Web & Graphic Design
Incorporating our understanding of your requirements with tailor-made designs that will attract the attention of Turkish customers.
Translation & Localization
Our expert translation and localization services are tailored for sports and casino brands who want to succeed in Turkish. We help you navigate cultural and linguistic nuances to ensure your brand message resonates with Turkish audiences.
Content Creation
Speaking in Turkish with customers is a great way to foster a sense of trust and comfort.
Step 3


Local Payment
By utilizing our partners’ payment methods, your brand can benefit from a smooth experience for your customers, lower commission fees, and more efficient settlement times.
Payment Testing
We are providing payment testing services tailored to sports betting and casino brands. Ensure your payment systems are working seamlessly and efficiently to meet the demands of Turkish players and stay ahead of the competition.
Step 3


Paid Ads
You can achieve maximum visibility in the Turkish media with the least expenditure.
Easy access for Turkish users to reach your brand.
Step 4


We provide a comprehensive reporting service based on the data we gather. In this way, we show the high standards of operations and results. We include all relevant details such as customer engagement and feedback on social media. Our team of experts analyzes the data and makes recommendations for improvement. We engage in open and transparent communication with you, discussing any issues that arise and presenting them with solutions. We take pride in our work and are committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Frequently asked questions

Why GT?

We are the first and only iGaming digital marketing agency focused on the Turkish market. Our team was established specifically to fully meet the digital marketing needs of sports and casino brands to get your brand the best quality Turkish traffic.

What is the range of services available?

Plan Act: Promotion team, social media, design, content creation and translation & localization.
Plan Boost: Local payment and payment testing solutions. paid ads, SEO including Act.
Plan Customized: According to your brand needs.
Since the promotion area is limited in Turkey, Act services are highly recommended for the brand, which has yet to enter the Turkish market. This is to ensure a successful promotion period and reach more potential customers. You may also request Boost services according to the size of the brand target. You can request a call to create Customized services.

What is the Super Affiliate Program?

The Super Affiliate Program is an affiliate model that allows you to benefit from our services at affordable prices. For more details, click here.

What are the costs of services that we need?

Pricing changes according to your brand’s needs, goals and chosen services.

When do we have report meetings?

We schedule weekly or monthly meetings with you to quickly and effectively implement the strategies that we have specifically designed for you, as well as make modifications and improve processes if necessary. We provide mathematical data-driven results and share our solutions and suggestions. In this way, we inform you of the whole process without interrupting the business follow-up. Every day, we optimize each of our implements to ensure high performance.

When can we get a response?

We’ll get back to you within 12 hours. We can discuss proposals and requirements only with official representatives of the brands.